SKALLAR Mattress Frames are made for two side mattresses. The dimensions of the assortment of the products offered, is practically unlimited.
Each frame is made according to the client specific requirements.

SKALLAR Mattress Frames are offered with the following additional options:

  • Frames with legs;
  • Frames with options for lifting, so that space optimization could be achieved;
  • Overall finished beds with attractive ornaments;
  • Fortified frames with narrower wooden slats positioning for using with softer latex mattresses or with heavier mass of usage.

SKALLAR Mattress Frames are made of high quality square steel pipe with dimensions
30х30х1.2 mm., and guarantee safety and trustworthiness of the production. The wooden slats are 68 mm. wide and 8 mm. thick and are made of beech plywood.
The high quality wooden material ensures ergonomics of the production by combining both the functions of a stable mattress base and slight flexible effect under pressure.

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